Selling your home can be overwhelming. Our goal is to help you sell your house as competitively as possible, executing the transaction as quickly and smoothly as possible. The key to a successful sale is actually how you prepare the house before it is put on the market.

Research and experience tells us what sellers need most from a Realtor. As your listing agent representing you as a seller, Annoura Realty Group will help you with the following five critical components of a successful home sale:

1. Guidance on the Overall Selling Process

2. Advice on Ways to Fix Up the Home to Sell for More

3. Pricing the Home Competitively

4. Marketing the Home to Potential Buyers

5. Negotiations for Price and Terms


1. Get the House Ready

・De-clutter and simplify

・Repair known issues

・Update and Upgrade – Paint, Carpet, Kitchen, Master Bath, Yard

・Deep Clean Inside and Outside the Home

2. Put the House on the Market

・Our Team will lightly stage your house

・We will hire a professional to take pictures

・We will research pricing of comparable homes

・We will list the house on, the #1 viewed website for house hunting in Houston

3. Show and Sell

・Agents and Buyers will come view

・We will negotiate all offers and request for repairs, you will contract with the buyer

・After the buyer’s loan is approved, you will move out and clean

・You will sign closing papers and will receive your sales proceeds

It is our job to help you get your house ready to sell, to market your house to as many buyers as possible, to aggressively negotiate on your behalf, and finally, to get your house sold!

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