5 Things to Consider

Are kids coming?
If kids are coming, we need to narrow down acceptable schools and choose apartments zoned to them.

What is your budget?
Apartments normally require your gross monthly income to be 3x the monthly rent. Please bring your offer letter.

How long are you willing to drive to work?
Houston has very heavy traffic.Consider how long you want to be in your car everyday.

When will you come?
Apartments can see their availability 60 days in advance, but typically won’t hold a vacant apartment for you longer than 30 days.

How long will you stay?
Rent prices are tied to your lease term. Minimum terms are normally 12 months, but some apartments will allow short term as short as 3 months.

Here is the process:

  1. Contact us with information above. We will call to all the apartments to find realistic choices that meet your criteria.
  2. Schedule a day to tour with us. When you know what days you can come to Houston for house hunting, let us know and we will reserve our time for you.
  3. When tour day comes, we will either meet you at the apartment or pick you up from your hotel. Don’t forget to bring your passport!
  4. We will tour the best apartments that meet your criteria.
  5. If you see a unit you like, we highly recommend you apply for it. Apartments won’t hold a unit for anyone without an application. Please remember to put “Locator/Realtor” as the referral source so the apartment will pay our commission. This way, our service to you is free!
  6. After you apply and are accepted, Team Annoura Realty will help you set up your electricity and renter’s insurance. Water is provided and billed through the apartment.
  7. On move in day, pay the money due and get your keys!
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