Annoura Realty Group uses Appfolio as it’s property management software. All tenants and all owners are able to log in to their Appfolio accounts (portals) using their email address and password. Once inside, tenants can pay rent, sign up for autopay, and make maintenance requests online or on their cell phone app. Landlords can log in from anywhere in the world and see their monthly statements or add money to their accounts for big repairs or remodeling.

Landlords: How to Create an Appfolio Account (Owners Portal)

  1. Click on the URL
  2. Enter the email address you gave us.
  3. Create a password

Landlords: How to Access Your Monthly Reports:  

  1. Once you have created your owners portal, you can check your monthly reports from anywhere, anytime. Go to this URL
  2. Scroll down to the bottom and click on Log In

3. You will be directed to the “Welcome to the Owner Portal” page. Input your email and password and you will see the following screen:

Once inside your landlord portal, you can see your monthly reports showing your rental income and expenses.

Landlords: How to Contribute Money to Your Account

  1. Log in to your Owner’s Portal
  2. Click on Make a Contribution
  3. Choose the address you are contributing to
  4. If you are sending money from a US bank, it is free to send money to your Appfolio bank account
  5. If you are sending money from your credit card, there will be a 2.9% fee

All new tenants under Annoura Realty Group property management should create an Appfolio tenant online account (tenant portal). Through the tenant portal, tenants can pay rent, set up recurring autopay for future rental payments, and can put in maintenance requests. All maintenance requests MUST be made through the tenant portal so that we can notify the owner, arrange the repair vendor, and track/record the maintenance issue.

Tenants: How to create an Appfolio Account (Tenant Portal)

   1. You will receive a text saying “Hi (your name), Annoura Realty Group LLC has invited you to activate your Online Portal.”
   2. Click on this link to be directed to this page:

     a. Enter a new pasword twice, then click on Activate
     b. Passwords must contain at least one alphabet letter and one number as well as one symbol

   3. Once you have created your password, you will be directed to your tenant page. You will see the balance owed and the date of payment. Set up Autopay. Rent is due on the 1st of every month.
   4. Choose your method of payment: eCheck, credit card, debit card
   5. If you are paying by eCheck, enter you name and your address
     a. Enter the name on your bank account, bank’s routing number, and bank account number

     b. You can save your account number and routing number for future use
     c. Click on “Create Auto Pay”
     d. The date and amount of your automatic payments will appear. Paying be e-Check is free!

   6. You can also pay rent with our credit or debit card. Enter the name on your credit card. You will be asked to confirm the date of payment, amount of payment, and any fees.
     a. Click on “Continue”
     b. Input your debit or credit card number along with the address associated with your card.
     c. Confirm the day of payment, then click on save to save your card information for future use.
     d. Click on “Create Autopay”

Tenants: How to set up a Tenant Portal from an Email Notification

  1. Click on the link, create a password
  2. You will be directed to your Tenant Portal Page
  3. Click on “Set Up Autopay”
  4. Remember, paying by eCheck is free.

Tenants: How to Put in a Maintenance Request

All maintenance requests must be submitted through the tenant’s online portal.

   1. Log into your account and click on the button below.

   2. Type the description of your trouble, then click on “Submit Request”
You may write in Engish or Japanese and feel free to attach photos if that will help us understand what the problem is.

  3. After you have submitted your maintenance request, our scheduler will contact you and the vendor to arrange a repair date and time.

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