Your company has assigned you to Houston, TX and you are bringing your family. We know a high priority will be schools for your kids and commute time to your workplace. Our goal is to identify all your critera and to give you as many matching choices as possible.

Some major things to consider when choosing the location of your home are:

・Schools (Consider all ages of the kids, and how long you will stay)

・Commute Time to Work (Consider Houston traffic is VERY hard)

・Location (Consider convenience to schools and shopping)

・Home Features (Consider 1 or 2 story, how many bedrooms, etc)


1. Identify Criteria

・Research Schools on Google maps

・Search schools on

・Choose your schools, understand your schools’ boundaries

・Talk to us, talk to colleagues

・Contact us with your criteria and timeline

2. Identify Matching Homes and View

・We will contact agents and owners to comfirm availability

・We will make appointments to view

・We will tour with you all homes you want to see

・You will decide which house is the winner

3. Apply, Paperwork, Move-in

・We will negotiate terms of your lease contract

・After the contract is signed, we will help you get your utilities on

・You will pay the deposit and rent to the landlord

・You will get your keys and can move in anytime

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