Koh Annoura

Designations: GRI, MCNE

Contact Information
Phone: 281-881-3263
Email: Koh@AnnouraRealty.com

Fukuoka, Japan

Chuo Daigaku, B.S. Psychology
Keirin Gakkou, Graduate

Languages Spoken
Japanese, English

5 Interesting Facts About Me

・ My high school did not have a cycling team, so my teacher made a cycling team just for me. I was the only one on the team and competed in every category!

・ Four days after my 18th wedding anniversary, my wife had our third child.

・ I represented Japan at the World Cup Cycling Championships in 1992. I am the 2018 and 2019 United States Cycling spring champion in my age bracket.

・ I was a professional Keirin racer in Japan for 18 years.

・ I was raised in a Catholic family.

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