When it comes to helping you buy your home, our goal is to help you get the house that you want at the best possible price, executing the transaction as smoothly as possible. Of course, we will be with you every step of the way.

Research and experience tell us what buyers need most from a Realtor. Representing you as the buyer, Annoura Realty Group will help you with the following four critical components of the homebuying process:

1. Guidance on the Overall Buying Process

2. Support to Find the Right Home

3. Negotiations for Price and Terms

4. Help with Paperwork

Once you have decided to purchase a home, we will guide you step by step on the overall home buying process, from getting financing to getting your keys. We want to save you TIME, EFFORT, and EXPENSE to make your home buying process as EFFICIENT as possible.


1. Talk to a Lender

・Submit all necessary paperwork

・Get a Pre-Approval Letter

・Cash Buyers- Prepare Proof of Funds

2. Go House Hunting

・Give us all your criteria for your house. Consider price, schools, commute

・We will find all choices that fit your criteria from HAR.com

・You will choose which houses you want to view

・We will set up appointments for all the houses you want to view and bring you for your house tour

3. Buy the House

・Once you find the house you like, we will research the right price

・We will write your contract and submit your offer

・We will negotiate aggressively on your behalf

・We will guide you through inspections; you will finalize your loan

・You will sign closing papers, you will get your KEYS!

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