Pius Dawson


2019 Houston Association of Realtors, International Advisory Chairman
2015 Texas Realtors Leadership Program

Contact Information
Phone: 281-610-4728
Email: Pius@AnnouraRealty.com

London, UK

London, UK Royal Army Medical College (Medical Assistant Class I, II, III
Heidelberg, Germany. Grossundaussenhandleskaufmann. (Wow, that’s a long word!)

Languages Spoken
English, German

5 Interesting Facts About Me

・ I have a marksman’s medal in shooting from the British Military.

・ I was on a Tug of War team who reached 6th best in Europe.

・ I have not killed any living being or animal, that I know of. Maybe bugs on the windscreen but that’s about it.

・ I have 3 grown boys and 2 granddaughters.

・ I have visited Canada, Mexico, Jamaica, Haiti, Norway, every European country, Switzerland Hungry, Czechoslovakia (when it was still called that), Yugoslavia (when it was still called that) DDR (Deutsche Democratic Republic), and lived in Germany for 22 years.

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