Send your landlord an email to tell them you will moving out on _______________ day (make sure they receive your email).

Turn off /disconnect your utilities. Call each of these companies and give them your address and your account number/ password. Tell them you want to ‘disconnect services’ two days after your move out.

  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Water
  • Cable/Internet
  • Home Security
  • Pest Control- Call your company and tell them you are moving, want to discontinue service.
  • Yard Maintenance- Tell you yard man to stop coming because you are moving.

Stop all automatic payments for your rent and for your utilities.

Your landlord has 30 days to return your deposit. MAKE SURE to give your landlord a forwarding address so that they can mail a check to you.Schedule for cleaners to come to your house to deep clean. You may also be obligated to hire carpet cleaners to clean your carpet (depending on the agreement in your contract). Make sure your house looks clean with very little damage when you leave, or be prepared to have some money taken from your deposit.Hire a handyman to fix anything that you have broken in the house, or understand that the owner will deduct for repairs and cleaning from your deposit.Don’t forget to close your bank account.
Some landlords will want to walk through the house with you to check the damage to the house on your move out day. Some landlords will not meet you when you walk out. If they will not meet you, you may be instructed to lock all the doors, leave all the keys inside the house, then lock the back door from the inside, and close it and leave. They will come check it when they have time.

Find your Inventory and Condition Form. You should have filled it out when you moved in. Double check that you are leaving all your keys, mailbox keys, pool tags, and garage door remotes at the house. Most people put them in a kitchen drawer or on the kitchen counter. Let your landlord know where you are leaving them.

Go online to the United States Postal Service website ( Select Forward Mail, Change your address. Register to have your mail forwarded to a friend’s address, or your company’s address for a few months so they can get any important mail for you after you leave.

How to return keys and remotes (if aplicable)
A property manager will meet you to get the keys.
A property manager will leave a lockbox with instructions on how to leave a key inside of the lockbox.

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